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07 Jan, 2011

Windows Phone 7 updates from CES 2011

Posted by: Mike In: Microsoft

The first update for Windows Phone seems is not coming in January. We can look for it in “30-60 days.” Additionally, Microsoft confirmed the fact that the update system will be more a patch update like Service Pack on Windows OS that an iterative system (mobilitydigest)

Some users are reporting mysterious data spikes that seem to be eating up their monthly allotment, and the issue may have something to do with how WP7 devices handle WiFi.

04 Jan, 2011

Angry Birds coming to WP7 in the next months

Posted by: Mike In: Microsoft

According to a tweet from Rovio Mobile’s Twitter account, Angry Birds will be coming to Windows Phone 7 in “some months”, and a PC version is also possibly on the way.

03 Jan, 2011

HTC & Tata DOCOMO Launch HTC 7 Mozart In India

Posted by: Mike In: HTC

The HTC 7 Mozart comes with an exclusive offer for Tata DOCOMO users in India, where in Tata DOCOMO subscribers will get Special Data Offer on HTC 7 Mozart.