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HTC has started a “teaser” advertising campaign for a smartphone it’s going to officially announce later this week. So far, several of its high-end features have been revealed.

Depending on which report and how you read it, Android has already begun to overtake the iPhone as the leader in smartphone market share. That isn’t quite the case yet in the latest report from Nielsen, one of the most trusted sources of consumer ratings, though Google’s open source OS is closer than ever.

03 Jan, 2011

Google Nexus S overclocked to 1.2GHz

Posted by: Mike In: Samsung

The XDA forum members has managed to overclock their Google Nexus S CPU to 1.2GHz (default 1GHz).

03 Jan, 2011

Google e-newsstand for Android media tipped

Posted by: Mike In: Google

Google is reportedly looking to create a digital newsstand to run on Android smartphones and tablets. Google is planning to launch a platform for digitized version of magazine, newspapers, and other news publications for Android devices. Google has initiated talks with major newspaper and magazine publishers about the venture, including Time Inc., Condé Nast, and [...]