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07 Jan, 2011

New Record: Nexus S Stable Overclock to 1.4GHz

Posted by: Mike In: Google

Earlier this week the Nexus S was overclocked to 1.2GHz. Considering other Galaxy devices using the Hummingbird processor have hit as high as 1.6GHz, the news of the Nexus S reaching 1.4GHz isn’t all that extraordinary, but it brings yet another speed boost to the already zippy (partially thanks to Gingerbread) Google smartphone.

07 Jan, 2011

Windows Phone 7 updates from CES 2011

Posted by: Mike In: Microsoft

The first update for Windows Phone seems is not coming in January. We can look for it in “30-60 days.” Additionally, Microsoft confirmed the fact that the update system will be more a patch update like Service Pack on Windows OS that an iterative system (mobilitydigest)

07 Jan, 2011

Video: LG Optimus Black

Posted by: Mike In: LG

The big story on the LG Optimus Black is its screen, which is capable of producing more screen brightness than any other smartphone display.

HTC has started a “teaser” advertising campaign for a smartphone it’s going to officially announce later this week. So far, several of its high-end features have been revealed.

03 Jan, 2011

HTC Evo Shift 4G hits Walmart site with full specs

Posted by: Mike In: HTC

Any doubts about the listing for the Sprint phone on its store. The WiMAX-capable Android slider is now known to be using Android 2.2.