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02 Jan, 2011

Samsung at CES: flexible and transparent AMOLED display

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The quality of the view on a S-AMOLED display is amazing, but what about AMOLED’s other qualities, like simplified circuitry, allowing for screens you can bend with your two fingers to half inch radius? Fret not, Sammy is bringing such a wonder as well – a 4.5″ flexible AMOLED display, and, unlike the previous 240×400 pixels attempts, this one sports a quite decent 480×800 resolution.

Typically, flexible displays use plastic substrates instead of glass substrates because this helps the display become lighter and thinner. Furthermore, the new plastic substrates are not prone to breakage during manufacturing. Previously, plastic materials melted at temperatures over 400 degrees during the manufacturing process, making commercialization difficult.

flexible amoled

Development of the 4.5 inch Flexible AMOLED prototype, designed for smart phone and tablet PC displays, is a major step on the road to mass production. A 4.5-inch WVGA Flexible AMOLED offering world’s highest flexible display resolution.

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