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04 Jan, 2011

Angry Birds coming to WP7 in the next months

Posted by: Mike In: Microsoft

According to a tweet from Rovio Mobile’s Twitter account, Angry Birds will be coming to Windows Phone 7 in “some months”, and a PC version is also possibly on the way.

How many times have you witnessed the iPhone destroy a highly regarded new challenger with the speed of mobile Safari? Not this time, folks. And while the first contest was close, the second one was pretty conclusive.

HTC has started a “teaser” advertising campaign for a smartphone it’s going to officially announce later this week. So far, several of its high-end features have been revealed.

03 Jan, 2011

HTC Evo Shift 4G hits Walmart site with full specs

Posted by: Mike In: HTC

Any doubts about the listing for the Sprint phone on its store. The WiMAX-capable Android slider is now known to be using Android 2.2.

Depending on which report and how you read it, Android has already begun to overtake the iPhone as the leader in smartphone market share. That isn’t quite the case yet in the latest report from Nielsen, one of the most trusted sources of consumer ratings, though Google’s open source OS is closer than ever.