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02 Jan, 2011

Memory Upgrade on your HTC HD7 to 32GB

Posted by: admin In: HTC

If you think your HTC HD7 is too short with his 8 GB memory, here is a detailed tutorial on how to give it a little boost to 32 GB ! Here is, step by step, how to do it.

What you need:
- A HTC HD7 (yeah, easy…)
- A Sandisk MicroSD 32 GB Card “Class 2″ : warning !! The Class 4 cards are not compatible !!!! Neither the Kingston or other brands. The Sandisk Class 2 is the only model that works at this day !!!
- A Torx screwdriver – Size : 0.4
- A little plastic card, like a fidelity card (little size)
- Tweezers
- A piece of paper

Read how to do on: xda-developers

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