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03 Jan, 2011

HTC Thunderbolt: 8 MP Camera & Video Chat Capabilities

Posted by: Mike In: HTC

What we get to see is a device under a cloak (pictured alongside). And, it proclaims that the HTC Thunderbolt will boast of an 8 Mega Pixel camera and also video chat capabilities. When HTC says video chat, we infer that it would be by way of 4G and a front-facing camera.

Over the past week, the name HTC Thunderbolt has emerged out of the woodwork as a possible name for the HTC Droid Incredible HD/HTC Mecha. Now, thanks to a banner ad and a broken web page, it looks pretty likely that that’s the name we’ll see when HTC and Verzion debut the phone at CES.

Now, the latest specs give us some idea of how the cloaked device will look like when the wraps are finally off. May be, HTC will live up to what it claims by way of its ‘Quietly Brilliant’ tagline. Look forward to more on the Thunderbolt in a few days.

via: devicemag

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