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07 Jan, 2011

New Record: Nexus S Stable Overclock to 1.4GHz

Posted by: Mike In: Google

Earlier this week the Nexus S was overclocked to 1.2GHz. Considering other Galaxy devices using the Hummingbird processor have hit as high as 1.6GHz, the news of the Nexus S reaching 1.4GHz isn’t all that extraordinary, but it brings yet another speed boost to the already zippy (partially thanks to Gingerbread) Google smartphone.

07 Jan, 2011

Windows Phone 7 updates from CES 2011

Posted by: Mike In: Microsoft

The first update for Windows Phone seems is not coming in January. We can look for it in “30-60 days.” Additionally, Microsoft confirmed the fact that the update system will be more a patch update like Service Pack on Windows OS that an iterative system (mobilitydigest)

07 Jan, 2011

Video: LG Optimus Black

Posted by: Mike In: LG

The big story on the LG Optimus Black is its screen, which is capable of producing more screen brightness than any other smartphone display.

Some users are reporting mysterious data spikes that seem to be eating up their monthly allotment, and the issue may have something to do with how WP7 devices handle WiFi.

The lastest browser market share report from NetApplications shows a pretty strong uptick for iOS for December.